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anyone trying shorts??

Up here at 845 ES....S&P is holding back this rally today...where the HECK is my plus or (hopefully) minus 8 - 10 range? has everyone gone to 24 hour trading???

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i forgot to draw it ,but see the up bar near the right of the last chart? low 936.00 high 937.50 (3rd from the right). that told me the market wants 940.00. but i bailed earlier as i always do!
covering my options here(spy june 91 puts) bought at 944 es
BINGO....924.25!!!! just went long!
hourly projection was 923.50... so if it doesnt turn here it will be saying much lower!

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off to bed ! hope my comments and charts helped! had a great day today! see ya!
pefect hit on last weeks close.....also look how the current weeks open ( Monday) played out today.....longer term folks will watch that the way us daytraders watch each current days open price....same concepts apply....just an FWIW.....thanks for the charts Kool..nice confluence....I was watching how the $tick and the NQ wasn't banging out new lows......I had a good short off the single prints but wasn't nimble enough to reverse to day today they played well!!Nice job on the puts too....
Good stuff Kool and Bruce ... helped with my own price action S/R level zones ... again, nice to see the same (or very close) price projection/reaction-levels coming together from a variety of trading analysis approaches!!! It helped my own trading today!
watching just the obvious today...we had a break of the monday, Tueday range that failed to close well below the bigger traders will watch the 30 - 31 again.....current overnight is there now too.... Yesterdays highs near 36 - 37 is upside key (overnight high there too)..941 is a HV price from multiday volume....

Yesterdays lows at 923 is also a key......

we know they will try to break a RTH range if we open inside it

I'm working on an agressive entry method that shows some promise so far....Inspired by some comment Dr. Brett has made recently....dIt is a breakout of the first minutes range high or low with a few qualifiers

1)We open and establish the range below the HV price of the overnight

2)We try to test the HV number but don't go 2.5 points above the Opening range high

3) We sell the low...and target 2 points......stop would be above the OR high...

reverse the concept for longs

Still experimenting and refining but will update as I go.

Good luck today
Just about perfect - perfectly wrong that is!

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